Fan Culture

A selection of images from the African Cup of Nations Tournament, 2004-2008

R Baskott 03 R Baskott 05 R Baskott 007 R Baskott 10 R Baskott 05 R Baskott 06 R Baskott 03 R Baskott 07 R Baskott 04 R Baskott 01 R Baskott 004 R Baskott 002 R Baskott 06R Baskott 02

R Baskott 01

R Baskott 04


One Response to Fan Culture

  1. Dear Richard,

    I think your web site is very impressive and well done. I would like to thank you for publishing my recent comments even though they clearly don’t chime with your take on the CCFC situation. I am as beloved of the Sky Blues as anyone, having been born in a Park Road nursing home, near the railway station, and have supported the Sky Blues for 49 years.

    It is your web site and you have the right to publish or edit any comments or articles that people submit; not having a public duty to be balanced, such as the BBC for example. I write then, not by way of complaint, but to ask you, if you could via my email address explain why you edited some of my comments out. I understand, that maybe I rambled on a bit, especially about the times and distances from Coventry to Sixfields. I can be a bit pedantic, but I get really annoyed when people and media exaggerate over facts to prove a point, I simply feel I must correct it.

    My reference to Gary Hoffman, being a Non-Executive Director of Trinity Mirror possibly having an influence over the Coventry Evening Telegraph’s reporting of the situation, is I think a valid one. So too is my reference to John Fletcher, Chairman of The Sky Blue Trust being previously Leader of the Labour Council and therefore have an interest over the ownership of the Ricoh. Did you feel that these items were too controversial or irrelevant, could you let me know?

    Finally, you do seem to be coming at this from an anti SISU position, which although I can respect, I think is the wrong analysis of the situation. However, could you do a detailed analysis of the future financial prospects of the Council’s ownership of the Arena without CCFC? I don’t think it is anywhere near as rosy as you suggest. Without the anchor tenant of the Sky Blues, I believe this changes everything, and that the other business will fail without it. Yes ACL did produce a turnover of £7.7 million in 2010/11 and a profit of £1 million, but without the rent of £1.3 million alone this would turn into a loss. There would also be the loss of the business rate and the huge mark up of 20-300% that ACL was levying on CCFC for the utilities and cleaning. This amounted to almost racketeering on the part of the Council. There would be the loss of the naming rights of the Arena from 2015 and we have already seen the loss of sponsorship for the stands from Tesco, Telegraph and Jewson and soon to be Lloyds Pharmacy, I would think. The stadium advertising would go, and I would think, so too would Compass who contract the catering and then the casino. All the other commercial activities would feel the pinch such as the conferencing, banqueting, hotel, restaurant and shops etc.. There will be a drop in footfall, and businesses don’t like to be associated with failure and controversy. I can foresee that it will prove difficult for ACL to retain and attract businesses to an Arena whose owners have litigated against and forced its own local football club out.

    Best wishes,

    Peter Chambers.

    PS. The title of your web site is mysterious, could you explain what is the meaning behind it?

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