Jimmy’s Hill – A Photo Essay

Sunday 08 September 2013.  Coventry City vs Colchester United.

The clubs lowest recorded attendance.  Ever.

Official Attendance: 1,789. Attendance as recorded by Police: 1,540. Estimated no of people on the hill: 60-132

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11 Responses to Jimmy’s Hill – A Photo Essay

  1. Hello Richard,

    They say photographs can’t lie, but they can if the Sky Blue Trust take them! You can’t count more than 50 people on any of the photographs and the most populous one is taken at a very narrow angle so that 50 people almost looks like a crowd! The photographs outside the ground must have been taken at 13.oo hours because there was no-one there. When I was outside the ground at 14.45 it was busy. How did you manage to lose nearly 1800 people?

    The only figures that you got right were the dates and the official attendance. Yes, the attendance was the lowest league gate in the Club’s history, but what sort of support group are you that thinks that that is something to celebrate. You people are a disgrace to the Club and to football!

    The gate for the Bristol game was 2,204, with 1,116 away fans and 1,088 home fans; the gate for the Preston game was 2,068, with 562 away fans and 1,506 home fans; the gate for the Colchester game was 1,789, with 272 away fans and 1,517 home fans. The point here of course, is that the home support has gone up in subsequent games. From the Bristol game the home support went up by 418 for the Preston game and 429 for the Colchester game. The reason for the total attendance dipping is clearly because of the away support declining. Preston is not as big a club these days as Bristol but is obviously bigger than Colchester. It is a moot point whether the total gate or the home attendance will dip on Sunday 15th for the Gillingham game because Gillingham are not a big draw and home attendances usually dip when two home games are played close together. If you’re lucky, you sad people, you might have something to gloat over on Sunday, if either gate dips, but it will be for technical reasons not because more people are turning away from the Club!

    Where did you get the police estimate of 1,540 for the gate? More propaganda no doubt, police do not give estimates for paid venues, you have fabricated that figure yourselves haven’t you?

    Also, your self estimate of 60-132 is massively overestimated, for your muppets on the mount. I counted less than 50 from the West Stand and most people in the media or on web sites said there were between 30 and 50. More propaganda, you couldn’t even fill your hired double decker bus that seats 72!

    I hope it rains on Sunday so you Fools on the Hill have to pay to get into the ground in order to keep dry.

    After half-time most of you boycotters came into the ground and were roundly booed by the loyal and die hard supporters. Coventry City ‘Til I Die? You people are a disgrace! Did you pay to get in after half-time, or did you cheap skates slink in for free?

    You can’t call yourselves supporters by going to the away games. If you are not attending the home games, you are no longer a supporter and you have nothing to say and are an irrelevance. People like Juggy and his friends are real supporters because they go to the away games and the home games.

    The team we’ve got now is the best team and the best manager we’ve had for years, all you muppets want to do is sulk because we don’t play at the Ricoh. I am actually glad all you “Dismal Jimmies” don’t come to the Sixfields because there are no chants of SISU out and no yobs with their stupid banners. Everyone at the Sixfields is 100 per cent behind the team and everyone is 100 per cent behind the young lads on the pitch representing our city. Have you ever thought that it is that positive vibe that has produced such scintillating football without you and your negative attitudes and thoughts? Stay away we don’t need you or want you, and you would probably bring us bad luck. That is unless you can be 100 per cent behind the team and the Club, if you can’t, don’t come! Don’t you think, that your negative thoughts and SISU out chants unsettle the team? We only want real supporters not negative ones who chant SISU out and get on players backs when they lose a bit of form or make a mistake. We simply don’t need you or want you, we have done much better without you, stay away!

    At the Fans’ Forums in the summer, it was not about asking the Sky Blue Trust for advice, or what the Club should do. The Club had made their decisions and the Forums were about informing the fans about why it had decided to take the actions that it has done and to inform and so that the fans could ask any questions. I am afraid that the fans acted like a lynch mob and abused the Club’s Directors, they were a disgrace and did not want to listen to the explanations but wanted to attack and try to trip the Directors up. The Club have done everything that it said it would do.

    The Sky Blue Trust or is it Distrust or Taliban have lost the argument and lost the plot and have misled the fans and taken them down a cul-de-sac. The SBT is doing its best to wreck the Club and is acting like a proxy for the Council, which is also doing its best to wreck the Club. Well I, and people like me will not let that happen. You can’t “Keep Coventry in Coventry” because the Club has gone, and it won’t come back until it has built a new stadium in the Coventry area or the Council sees sense and sells the Arena back to the Football Club, which should have owned it all along! If you genuinely want the Club to come back to Coventry, why don’t you persuade the Council to sell the Arena to the Football Club. Otherwise it will be at least 3-5 years before the Club will be back. The SBT doesn’t campaign against the Council because it is a fifth columnist acting for the Council! The SBT travels 95 miles to London to campaign outside SISU’s and the Football League’s Offices but ignores the real villains in this, the Council who are on our door step! That is all you need to know, to understand whose side it is on, and its not the Club or still less the supporters! Rather like a referee never changes his mind, the Club and especially the Football League will not be changing their minds. The dye is cast, the horse has bolted, when is the SBT going to wake up, and if it has any sincerity at all, start campaigning outside the Council offices?

    The Council wrecked the Club’s chances of promotion by forcing the Club into administration and a 10 point deduction last year and it has tried to get the Club relegated this year by forcing it into liquidation and another 10 point deduction. When are you going to wake up and realise who are the real villains? The Club are playing the best football in many years, we are the top scorers in the whole of the Football League and have the top goal scorer in the whole of the Football League in Callum Wilson. If the Council and the SBT have their way the Club would have to sell our great young players, but would they accept any responsibility for this outcome? No, they would blame the owners SISU. Stop acting like sheep and think for yourselves and don’t give the SBT anymore money, Not One Penny More for the SBT I say, it is trying to wreck our Club!

    Fortunately, none of you SBT or boycotters will be able to go to the Fans’ Forum on Thursday 12th September, because only season ticket holders are invited, Ha Ha! You have made yourselves irrelevant and have no influence! I am sure us real supporters will have a productive meeting with our great young manager Steve Pressley.

    I will be going to Port Vale a week on Saturday but I hope you mindless boycotters aren’t there, you don’t deserve to have a Football Club and a great team to support.

    Best wishes,

    Peter Chambers.

    • Anthony says:

      A heartfelt speech Peter, but you are sadly deluded young man. These are not home games, they are desperate measures by sisu to hold on where they know they have failed and you have no idea what a brutal and corrupt organisation sisu and it’s components is. Most of us stay away fans have nothing to do with the SBT and can think for ourselves you patronising fool. Enjoy your forum and enjoy watching our exciting young team before it is once again dismantled by the sisu losers in January.

    • Bernard Hounslow says:

      So none season tickets holders are irrelevant? To SISU anybody and everybody are irrelevant, except for their money lending, grabbing friends. I hope you enjoy your days at sixfields, I really do. But don’t you ever look down at me for my stance against these money grabbing owners. I feel sorry for fans like you, you are being mugged and can’t/ won’t see it.
      I have supported the Sky Blues for longer than I care to remember, was a season ticket holder for 27+ years, If I’m irrelevant, just shows what a sorry mess we’re in.

      PUSB – NOPM

    • John Lake says:

      Well Peter Chambers when we are back
      at the Ricoh i hope you stay in Northampton your attitude sucks !!!!
      If anyone is helping Sisu kill Ccfc for future generations its the minority of your so called real fans inside the stadium.
      Is this a joke are you insane lauding
      1500 fans in sixfields when there would be at least 10-12,000 at the Ricoh

    • Steve Jones says:


      I’m not sure why you feel you have a right to insult the author, or the individuals in the pictures. If you were inside the ground ‘supporting our boys’ with so much passion and enthusiasm, how did you find the time, or why did you feel the need, to count those on the hill? How can you be sure you counted correctly – surely a real fan would keep being distracted by the action on the pitch

      You have described those on the hill as ‘fools’, ‘mindless’, those that disagree with you as ‘muppets’, fans/season ticket holders that have supported the club for fifty years as ‘irrelevant’ and compared a supporters organisation, the Sky Blue Trust, to the Taliban. This is disgraceful. The Taliban, along with forces that fight them, are responsible for deaths of thousands of people. The SBT want their football team to simply return to the City from which it takes its name. There is simply no comparison. You really should be ashamed.

  2. Joe says:

    What makes me laugh MR Super fan is…
    Standing on the hill Sunday, I was embarrassed by how quiet you lot were in the ground, it was shocking.

    Come on the hill Sunday just before the game and count them, just like we did and there was over 100.

    Your stadium attendances may increase, but so will ours on the hill.

  3. chris quinney says:

    Pete.i don’t have a season ticket and I will be attending tonight…are you for real….and you call yourself a true fan.They are ruining your club before your eyes and you are quite happy for them to do it.I hope you enjoy the rest of the season sat with your 1200 friends in your shitty little ground in northampton.while the real fans are trying to do something so you can eventually watch your team back in your city….but I get the impression you don’t care where they play so long as there’s a team out every week…..from a true fan also who will not be setting foot inside sixfields along with the 9000 other fans who also are trying to do something….you sir are a knob of the highest order. …congratulations

    • Hutch's Heroes says:

      The police are required since the Hillsborough disaster to record the number of people in the stadium and have equipment to monitor everyone entering a stadium in their control room. Some FLO’s do tweet the number of people in the stadium, as a matter of course and that figure does vary greatly with clubs such as Coventry City who class the number of tickets sold as the attendance.

  4. Andy Scaysbrook says:

    Pete, you are clearly a dick.

  5. Dave from Nuneaton says:

    Mr Chambers,
    You are a disgrace to your fellow fans and must be an embarrasment to your family.
    Please above all else have some respect for your fellow Sky Blues fans, support how ever you want to that is your right, but please name calling behave yourself and grow up man.

  6. Alan Cooper says:

    Isn’t it good to have a real supporter like Peter Chambers, who clearly knows something that no-one else does? You don’t have an interest that should be declared do you Peter? If that is your attitude to other CCFC supporters, no wonder the attendances are down. It’s just a shame that the 60’s and 70’s have gone, it sounds as if you could do with a belt around the ear! By all means have your views on what is happening, but never slate someone else for having an opposite view. That’s what freedom of speech is all about mate. And, from the replies to your rant, it would appear that you are definately the noisy minority in this argument. After all of the lies and inconsistences from SISU, why should anyone bend to their wants and needs? I really hope that the Council and the Higgs Charities hold out, or that Preston Haskell could take it over. He appears to be a businessman who knows what he’s doing, and will accomplish it fairly. If you didn’t pay your rent would you then expect to be able to hold the owner to ransom until he sold out to you? Please grow up and join the real world.

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