A football club needs players

“One of the reason’s given by the council for rejecting the CVA that caused the ten point loss was they wanted an investigation into where players contracts sat but, the truth is, they have known all along and have chosen to act as if it is some kind of mystery.

“The Football League, finally confirmed last week that they have been registering players in ‘Holdings’ rather than ‘Ltd’ and as we have maintained for months, this has been going on since way before SISU took over.

“That is significant because there is a myth that somehow SISU have set up this structure because they have something to hide when, in fact, it was a structure they inherited. 

T. Fisher, CCFC v Preston NE  programme notes, 25 August 2013

The following documents appear to question his assertion.

AVFC - 17 Dec 07 AVFC - 17 Dec 10

NTFC - 1 Feb 10 WFC - 28 Jan 08 WFC - 31 Jan 08 Bolton Wanderers FC - 19 Dec 06.pdf   

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6 Responses to A football club needs players

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  2. Emily says:

    I would like to know who exactly wrote this piece and where they got their information from ASAP?

    • Richard says:

      The original lines are transcribed from program notes written by Tim Fisher. The documents would be written by administrators/officials at the clubs involved.

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  4. Alan Cooper says:

    Can we ever hope to be told the truth to any question put forward, or will it just be the answer that suits the particular time. It gets to sound more like Politics every day. The answer that you get isn’t necessarily the truth, but it suits the occasion! Can these Companies not be taken to court for lying , to the public, the supporters and the Football League. (A good example of this is the idea that they would honestly build a ‘little stadium’, for many millions of pounds, when they have been told that supporters just aren’t going to attend. And these people reckon that they can run a business? Into the ground maybe.) If the League had a spine they would have sorted this mess out well before now.

  5. Emily says:

    Thank you and do you know who put these documents on this site?

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