Roll up, Roll up for Tim Fishers Coventry City Sixfields Circus

This weeks game against Preston North End FC, rescheduled from its original slot again to Sunday, could be a testing time for SISU, the Cayman Island based hedge fund that are the clubs ultimate owners, as it appears the majority of fans will continue with the boycott, committed to NOPM – Not One Penny More – campaign.  The opening game of the season was attended by a mere 2,204.  Reports suggest around half of those were Bristol City fans, and there are rumours which suggest of the Sky Blues fans that attended, many were enticed with free entry, paid for by  SISU.  On the same day, a Coventry Old Boys XI competed at the Ricoh, the former home of the club, to a gate exceeding 8,000 with the ticket sales going to charity.  With less to pre-ocuppy the average fan this week, to what extent will the protests continue?

The team have been performing beyond expectations for such a young and inexperienced squad, scoring an unlikely fifteen goals in the first four competitive fixtures, gaining six points from a possible nine in the league.  It wasn’t until the start of October that the points tally was matched, and the end of the same month  the goal tally was reached, last season.  Last seasons clash drew 12,230 the weekend before Xmas. Expectations are such that the attendance will still be very low, even if claims that tickets are being offered to the folk of Northampton for free this week are correct.  This must be quite insulting for those ‘loyal’ season ticket holders who could have waited and saved their money by the looks of it, picking up complimentary tickets from the club.  So, after Fisher has managed to alienate 90% of his loyal customer base, how long before the remaining 10% start to feel disgruntled?

Reproduced below is the very funny piece which appeared in the Coventry Telegraph comments section before the first game two weeks ago, written by Paul Grafton.  Its still makes me laugh and I imagine sums up the situation for a lot of the supporters.  Hope you like!

Clown 01

Unknown investors in the Cayman Islands Presents



One of the Greatest Wonders of the Football World!! Like, I wonder who thought this was a good idea? (Take a bow Timmy!)

Featuring – THE HUMAN CANONBALL – Witness Tim’s attempt at destroying 130 years of history with just one selfish act.

Starring – JOY SEPALLA AS THE INVISIBLE LADY– Watch as she tears apart a city’s heritage without ever making an appearance! Ever! (Please respect Ms Sepalla’s privacy folks as she respects others (unless you’re from Coventry that is! HaHa! ))

LAUGH ALONG! as Sixfield Circus’ very own Ringmaster Tim gets the crowd to count the empty seats! Six-Thousand-Nine-Hundred-and-Ninety-Seven!-!-Six-Thousand-Nine-Hundred-and-Ninety-Eiiiiight!-Six-Thousand-Nine-Hundred-and-Ninety-Niiiiiiiine!…..

SPECIAL ATTRACTION FOR SIX WEEKS ONLY – BEAT THE EMBARGO – With Tim the Magnifico, the infamous magician, and his able assistant Stevie P.

YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES! Watch as Tim ties Stevie’s hands behind his back as he attempts to produce a competitive squad out of nothing!

AND YOU WON’T BELIEVE YOUR EARS! Stevie then explains the logic behind the Bomb Squad strategy of football management!

BE AMAZED! at some of the biggest fattest lies ever told! Take it away Tim –

WE were forced out if the Ricoh by ACL”

“WE will return to Coventry, (working closely with our friends on the council)

I PROMISE”, “The embargo was caused by ACL…”

“WE will sign six or seven players once the embargo is lifted”

“WE will build a stadium in three years…well five, hopefully”

“WE understand how the fans feel

WE feel THEIR pain!”, and many more

AND THE GRAND FINALE -Tim puts his head in a lion’s mouth and waits for the administrator to actually start the Liquidation process! Could you stand the suspense?!

OOOOOH! AHHHHH! Let’s hope he makes he makes it eh folks! Also Showing

Joy the Ventriloquist and her adorable Puppets Tim the Fish and Paul “The Snake” Appleton

The Monkeys Tea Party Featuring SISU Clown Posse

The Human Jellyfish – Urgh! They’re spineless and slimey, Yes! it’s the Football League!

Tony “Hannibal” Cardoza, our congenial host and helping hand without whom none of this would be possible.

Make sure you ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY DO miss Tim Fishers Travelling Circus in Northampton. Continues on Sunday for five years only.

Disclaimer: Coventry, City, Tim Fisher and SISU are not really an actual circus, although they are probably a laughing stock. This is meant as a bit of fun, but there is serious side. Coventry City FC was bought by SISU but was built by the blood, sweat and many tears of the people of Coventry and it is those generations of people who are the rightful owners of Coventry City Football Club.


Cheers Paul for allowing me to reproduce it here.

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6 Responses to Roll up, Roll up for Tim Fishers Coventry City Sixfields Circus

  1. Michael Lock says:

    Dear Richard

    What had impressed me with your previous emails was their logic and rational argument, supported by your obvious intellectual prowess and years of professional experience in some financially based sector.

    Your apparent impartiality was a strength and I liked the distance you took from the emotional arguments that the rest of us frail Sky Blue supporters tend to wield.

    This last email goes against the grain, although I may have misunderstood your original purpose and the principles you were geared by.

    I am still in awe of your penmanship and look forward to your next missive.

    Best regards


  2. Peter Larsen says:

    In excess of 8,000 at £5 a ticket, yet less than £20k donated to charity? As inaccurate as ‘Preston Town’.

  3. Mick Lynch says:

    I thought they were playing Preston North End.

  4. ianharris46 says:

    when did preston change their name?

  5. PUSB1 says:

    Oh dear…. Garbage.

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