Coventry City FC. 1883 – 2013. RIP


The friends and supporters of Coventry City FC would like to pay special tribute to the board at the Football League for all their hard work and unwavering support throughout the past couple of months.  They couldn’t have done it without you.

And a special thank you of course to Mr Timothy Fisher and Mrs Joy Seppala.  You can take away our club, but you cannot take our memories and traditions.  Rest In Peace.

Commemorative Wall & Comments

David Kelly: 130 years of history and memories gone in the stroke of a pen. Thanks for nothing

Dave Roach:  As a 7 year old I stood on the Spion Kop in 1965 with my rattle and box to stand on. In later years, I traveled the breath of the country to away games and to Wembley Stadium in 1987. Many friends and acquaintances have been forged through driving rain, snow, wind and hail. These are some of the memories I keep looked away in my aging body, a place where SISU and their accomplices cannot get hold of, no matter how much money they possess. Good bye CCFC it has been a long and sometimes rough marriage, but one filled with happy memories…

Rob Corcoran:  Seppala . . . I hate you as much as I hated Thatcher and that’s saying something, believe me.

Sheila Gardner:  In 1940, the heart of our wonderful City of Coventry was all but ripped out by one Adolph Hitler. But, being the people that we are, we rose from the ashes and rebuilt our beloved City. Hence the Pheonix. Once more we are faced with a similar dilemma, the heart of our City is once more under attack. This time, they will not win either. People of Coventry. Rebuild our team, rise again, but separate from the old team. We have our memories. WE WILL SURVIVE!!!

Kath Brown:  Enjoy the rest of your footballing related lives, thanks for the memories.

Jim Brady: Rip. Corruption wins again

James Tookey:  That’s for running the club into the ground

Andy Harris: Why oh why did it have to come to this?

Donna Rogers:  Sickened by the pantomime being acted out by our unfit owners. My husband has been a Cov supporter for the past 50years we were season ticket holders along with his father now 85years old who has been supporting the club since his childhood. There is no chance that he will see them play again.he is unable to travel that far. Also if Northamptons ground has a reduced capacity it would not even accommodate the people who have been season ticket holders. This is all about brinkmanship between three companies. Between them all SISU ACL & The Higgs Trust have murdered this club. We travel from Derbyshire to both home and away matches our financial and emotional investment over the years has been considerable. There aren’t words to describe adequately the rage we feel at the reckless behaviour of our owners. This hedge fund outfit have gambled with our club and are now in danger if losing everything. They have ripped the heart out of the club and treated the supporters with barely concealed contempt. This is a bleak day in the clubs history and a devastating blow to those of us who love and support this club. Shame on ALL Those who have used this club to line their own avaricious nests.

Mel Webb: Thanks! For nothing!!!

William O’Reilly:  Well we all now this is how it would end up Coventry fans are on there own. The problem is now some Coventry fans are saying they wont attend home games at Northampton but will attend games played away. So it still comes to this – Coventry fans won’t support those that are killing Coventry city club.  And of course when the new stadium is built it still wont be in Coventry it may be in Rugby, Leicestershire or Hinckley but not in Coventry so Coventry fans think be for you pay for a ticket for home or away games COVENTRY CITY FOOTBALL CLUB R I P.

Elizabeth Poland:  They have finally nailed Coventry City Football Club to the Cross. Crucifixion is the only word.

Robert McDonald: A club, a tradition, a culture, a religion that dates back well before even your great grandparents roamed – all gobbled up by greedy vultures. What a legacy you leave on this earth, you should all be ashamed

Baz twaites: Thanks for nothing FL! 130 years of history destroyed!

Damien Kimberley:  I’ve already said my goodbyes. As a fan of 30-odd years, – a once-14-year-old boy that was honoured to witness my beloved CCFC beat the mighty Tottenham Hotspurs 3-2 in the greatest ever FA Cup Final in 87, – to taste the Premiership, – to take two relegations, – to watch my club be utterly ripped apart by a face-less hedge-fund, – i’ve said my farewell and i am moving on. SISU/OTIUM, you will never get a penny from me whilst you continue to destroy MY club. My two boys, aged one and five, will be hanging up their Sky Blue shirts also.

Colin Keenan: Till the next chapter

Andy Heath: Excellent blog, thanks.

Ian Small:  How can the FL board sleep at night? They are as bad as SISU, as they are supposed to be custodians of the game and clubs- shame on you all.

Terry Gaut: Football is for the FANS!!! I first watched MY team CCFC in 1947. I was 7 years of age. I have watched my team play in almost every division, that the F.A and Football league ever thought about. NO MORE.  Due to SISU bullies and greedy bastards and the spineless officials from the football league. (deep regret) you hadn’t got the balls to stand up to the bullies! The lot of you should be locked up and the keys thrown away.

Paul Hanlon: Stick sixfields up ya arse fisher you w*nker,not one penny more.wont be back till all the scum running our club has gone,43 years support finished till that time comes.fisher/sisu/football league all w*nkers. R.I.P CCFC.

Neil Jewitt Great memories of a great club. RIP CCFC, you will be sadly missed.

Ashley Woodward: The thought of no more football in Coventry is shocking. People involved should be disgusted and ashamed of themselves that it’s come to this. It’s beyond belief that grown adults are unable to sit around a table and sort this out.

Paul Anderson: Its a travesty that two parties can destroy a football club and the football league is impotent. A club that bears the name of a City should have to remain in the City, and if the owners cannot accommodate that, they should be forced to relinquish ownership – simple. This isn’t the NFL with some franchised team changing their name every year. This is part of our City and our Heritage and has been for longer than any investment fund has been around. Sisu are morally bankrupt and Otium will be no better

Stan Hornsey:  Through the generations my family have supported the Sky Blues and been proud of it. Way back before I was born my grandfather supported them, My father took me to my first match against Arsenal at Highfield Road and we Bobby Gould Score an equalising goal, I took my son to his first match when he was just 4 years old, he has always said that his children will be Sky Blues fans. Now we have the very heart and soul of our club ripped from it’s body by faceless people who are only interested in ‘the return on there capital employed’, the same people who have only one agenda that is to get their slimy hands on the Richo Arena. It is sad to say but my family will not be supporting these crooks, home or away, I guess I will have more time to tend to my allotment now. RIP my beloved Sky Blues, we loved you like no other, there will be no other for me, football has lost a family of supporters.

Joe Proud:  I have only been a supporter for 15 years but from that first game i attended, my blood turned sky blue. I have probably witnessed more ups then downs but i wouldn’t have had it any other way as it was MY club. And i was proud of them. I’m not ashamed to say it, but tears are streaming down my face, knowing that we will now have to part. Boy has it been emotional!! Goodbye old friend and thanks for the memories. CCFC FOREVER!!

Anthony Vosper: I moved from Coventry over 40 yrs ago and ended up following my then nearest club. AFC Wimbledon. I know your pain as the Dons went that way. First to Selhurst Park. Only a few miles down the road but still a pain to get to and then to the Other place. The City of Coventry- The Bantams The Sky Blues deserve better, Football revolves around money not the fans now.

Barry Joyce: Had great memories of cov great city ,great people ,great football club . I saw great matches at Highfield road in the 80’s and 90’a such a shame for a great club

Gary Gibbs:  We need to get the sky blue trust to meet with the council and acl and start our own team from scratch. afc coventry afc coventry 🙂 couldnt care less if it takes us 10 years to get back to where we are now. At least at the end of it we will all have a team and board to be proud of.  RIP

Mark Massey:  As an 11 year old boy i stood on the west terrace for the very first time, you were to become a massive part of my life for the next 38 years, its time to say good bye my old friend.  RIP  my old friend, after 38 year traveling all over the country and now time to say goodbye.  The people who done this to our club should be ashamed.

Mick Lynch:  I can’t put into words the devastation I feel for my club and it’s supporters. The words love support and loyalty have no place in modern business so the only way I can explain it to sisu and the football league is like this. First to the Football League this hedge fund company’s aim is to run this football team out of existence their goal is to buy the Ricoh arena to use as a multi faceted stadium, pop concerts, sporting one offs such as show jumping monster trucks etc plus of course the casino supermarket and stores. They are making complete fools out of you and because it’s Coventry City and not a top six premier team it doesn’t seem to matter. When this goes through it could be a template for other soul less financial business’s to do the same. I don’t think it will because I believe the government will step in and do what the football league should already have done PROTECT IT’S CLUBS. To remove sisu we would have to start another football club, with large backing ie Haskell, Elliot etc make a deal with the Ricoh to have a club who are not currently in the football league play there for two or three seasons until we are back which would be no different from being away at Northampton for three years and the people of Coventry would have to support that side to the hilt. We can still be called Coventry we can still play in Sky Blue. It seems like a lot but the alternative is if we do nothing and rely on sisu to keep their word ? I don’t think I have to tell you how that has gone so far. What will happen in the future when we are drawn against the sisu team? Nothing, why because sisu will have packed up and moved on long before that.

Steve Bradshaw:  53 years man and boy supporting, living and breathing COVENTRY City, so sad that we have let a bunch of parasites called Shitsu kill our beloved club.

Richard Cave:  Why don’t we look at starting a new club. Surely they could get some fan games going and possibly at the Ricoh. The cheap gate receipts could be used to start funding a new club for next season. Arise AFC Coventry.

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One Response to Coventry City FC. 1883 – 2013. RIP

  1. Neal Crisford says:

    So sad… have just summed it up for me with your last blog. I have cut it out and will frame it. Went to my first game in 1971 with my Dad. Have been to over 1,000 City games but now no more. I am 52 years old and have been lucky in life and business but will now focuss on my golf handicapVery sad but no going back for me. Thanks for all your excellent blogs over the last few months. Very informative and well written. Best of luck to you my friend.

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