Member Poll Results and Resulting Action

Statement from the Sky Blue Trust – 27/05/13

Administrator Must Give Precedence To Bidders who Care About Coventry City FC and Its Supporters

 The Sky Blue Trust members voted over the weekend about what stance the Trust should take towards Tim Fisher’s plans for Coventry City. The members voted in large numbers and the response was 99% in favour of the Trust working with every means at its disposal, including peaceful demonstration and other means of legal protest, to ensure that the Administrator and the Football League do not return the “Golden Share” to any SISU controlled company. We are doing this to avoid the scenario of falling crowds, relegation, further administration and possibly liquidation that we feel Tim Fisher’s plan could lead to. The Trust understands there are several alternative bidders available to receive the share and we will be urging that precedence is given to bids that clearly demonstrate that they have the best interests of Coventry City FC and its supporters at their heart.

We would ask members and fans alike to join us outside the Coventry Hilton Hotel on Wednesday May 29th at 9.30am to voice their concerns to CCFC LTD administrator Paul Appleton. Now is the time to stand together and fight for the future of OUR CLUB and this is the 1st action.

On Thursday May 30th we will also be holding a peaceful demonstration outside Ryton Training Ground from 5.30pm to coincide with Tim Fishers fans forums, if you have not received an invite and would like to make your voice heard we would encourage as many supporters as possible to come and join us.

Please be aware we will not be stopping anybody from attending these meetings, infact we would openly encourage fans with invites to attend and listen to what Tim Fisher has to say and form your own opinions, we are simply there to make our voices and opinions known.

We must stress that this is to be a peaceful demonstration. The Sky Blue Trust does not condone violence or anti-social behaviour.

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